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SWS Vancouver 2017 Facilitators


Start Finish Duration
HUB opens 13:00 18:00 0:00
Registration Opens 17:00 17:55 0:55
Exploring & Networking 17:00 18:00 1:00
Welcome 18:00 18:10 0:10
Sarah Jamieson to lead movement session 18:10 18:15 0:05
Introduce Mission, Vision, Values of SWS 18:15 18:40 0:25
Session #1: Training Graham Snowden 18:40 18:50 0:10
Session #2: Nutrition – Adam Hart 18:50 19:00 0:10
Refreshment & Meetup Break 19:00 19:15 0:15
Session #3: Recovery – Sarah Jamieson 19:15 19:25 0:10
Session #4: Technology James Greenwood 19:25 19:35 0:10
Vote on the topics we want to deep dive on? 19:35 19:40 0:05
Refreshment & Meetup Break 19:40 20:15 0:35
Deep Dive #1 20:15 21:00 0:45
Deep Dive #2 21:00 21:45 0:45
Closing & Thank you’s 21:45 22:00 0:15
Networking & Connection Session 22:00 23:00 1:00
Head to the Bimini for an after party! 23:00 0:00 1:00


Our Partners

Our SWSVAN 2017 Themes


Science has shown us that
mindfulness can have a myriad of
positive effects in a sports context
From improving sport-related anxiety, to enhancing competitive performance…


Textile tech for training,
smartphone apps for nutrition,
sleep analysis for recovery.
Technology is helping today’s peak performers break to new levels.
Get to know what tech can up your game, help you avoid injuries, and recover faster.


Fartlek training
movement culture
there are a lot of people toting different training methods.


With lobbyists,
industry interests,
and big pharma,
food is a dirty subject.
We’re here to wash it off and get to the facts.


Proper R&R has become
a central part of today’s
training and athletics.
We delve into what effective R&R actually is and which techniques will help you maximize each workout.


Forget the traditional. SWS is not just a summit, it’s about engagement, action, motivation, learning, growing and community.

Similarly, this venue is not just a store. RYU is Canada’s newest and most forward-thinking athletic wear brand, committed to empowering and enabling the athlete in us all. Tailored Innovation for the Urban Athlete. SWS + RYU = powerful combination.

1745 W 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC

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