Facilitator Info

SWS is a gathering where we will explore best practises and methodologies in training, recovery, nutrition, technology and mindfulness. Optimizing human performance at the intersection of health, fitness, sports & wellness. Creating a vehicle to bring about a tangible and measurable shift in North America’s understanding of holistic health and wellness. Inspiring, enabling and connecting active individuals to achieve maximum benefits from their physical pursuits. We plan to do this by connecting them with each other giving plenty of time to network share and collaborate, learn and be inspired by top health + wellness professionals (that’s you!) and elite athletes, while getting hands on with cutting edge technologies in an accessible and interactive atmosphere.

We are looking for leaders, influencers and trend setters in the sports and wellness arena. Your role in the summit will be to act as a curator of content and discussion. To help us facilitate our mission to create a vehicle to bring about a tangible and measurable shift in North America’s understanding of holistic health and wellness. Providing a venue for active brands and professionals to authentically engage with their target audiences in an meaningful and measurable way.

We want this to be as experiential as it can possibly be and to that end we need your help to create truly innovative discussion and engaging sessions.

“A facilitator is someone who engages in the activity of facilitation. They help a group of people understand their common objectives and assists them to plan how to achieve these objectives.”

One way we’re going to differentiate ourselves from other events, is that we’re asking you to lead a conversation, more than be a talking head on stage. Get into the mix, ask questions and engage the audience at least 60% of the time you have, use technology (our mobile app), research, stunning visuals and advanced learning techniques to convey and emphasize your points! Don’t stress, we can help with this stuff, we merely want to find others who are as excited about doing something outside the box and with more impact than the norm! We really want to have our participants to come away with an understanding Vs. an impression or “inspiration” and that happens by doing for most people.

Our ask:

  • You work with us collaboratively to create a groundbreaking and outcomes based experience. One that will have a measurable impact on our audience’s understanding of wholistic wellness, the minimum effective effort needed to improve their health and wellness.
  • Begin to create a keynote (or just compile some stats, images and data and we can put it into a keynote for you) comprised of 10 slides, 1 min per slide – 10 mins for your first component.
  • You will like, comment and share our content on social media (links will be sent to you).
  • Meet me to record a brief into on who you are and what your mission in life is all about. We can do this on the same day as our dinner.
  • You will take an active role in promoting the event and receive compensation for any attendees that sign up using the promotional tools we give you.
  • You are open and excited to learn! We want people who are always wanting to learn how to be a better presenter and a better person.
  • You should want to learn from the participants (audience) just as much as you wish to share your knowledge and experience.
  • You agree NOT to hard sell or pitch a product/service during your time in front of our audience. We will assist you in achieving your goals in an authentic and measureable way.
  • Facilitate not speak. We want our facilitators to engage and inspire not merely be a talking head.
  • Learn to engage the participants in a new and cutting edge way.
  • Pre event conference calls so that we are able to share our vision and co-create a compelling and engaging keynote with you!
  • Attend a pre event dinner with our team (1-2 weeks prior to the event) so that we can run through the evening’s program and cover off our first draft of the presentations.
  • Attend an online pre event speaking development and alignment session.
  • Contribute a blog article(s), a video interview with our team and a record a selfie video on what “Wellness” means to you and iMessage it to us.
  • You agree to co-host a webinar or online Q&A prior to the event (if scheduled).
  • You agree to allow us to use your image, video and voice to promote the event.
  • You agree to attend a connection dinner (if scheduled) with our staff and attendees either the day before, day of or day after the event.
  • You agree to join us for the influencer’s social (if scheduled).

Still interested? lol

If you are interested in being a part of this experience, the first step is to fill in the info below. Once we receive your info we will bring it to our facilitator selection group and we will get back to you shortly. Until then… please connect with us on “the socials” and help us bring this movement to the world.